Oversized Loads

For over two decades, PHT has been involved in the relocation of over dimensional long, wide, high and heavy loads for both industry and individuals.

Classification of these varying loads can be done broadly as follows;

  • Gantries & Stacks
  • Vessels & Tanks
  • Hoppers & Bins
  • Pipes
  • Boats & Yachts & Cruisers
  • Specialised Fabrications
  • Other

Transportation of such items present unique challenges, which are required to be assessed on an individual load basis so that the optimum method for relocation can be determined and achieved.

The firm’s vast experience in performance and control of such work is a sound solution for the individual customers’ requirements.

PHT’s specialised range of equipment and resources including, rear end steers, dollies, jinkers and extendable beam/skel trailers along with our standard trailers, extendable trailers, extendable step deck and low loaders provide a broad range of options to undertake such loads.

PHT can also coordinate loading and unloading of such items to meet the individual customer requirements.

Many oversize loads that require transporting exceed allowable legal dimensions for regular transporting. In these cases, Paul Harrison Transport is your perfect partner. With our many years’ experience transporting over size and wide loads we know what is a required, and will tailor a plan to your specific requirements, no matter.