Self Loading Trucks

Paul Harrison Transport have self-loading knuckle boom crane trucks. The Palfinger crane trucks vary in size from 17 tonne metre to 44 tonne metre capacity.

One of benefits of self loading crane trucks is that they offer the advantage of being able to load, transport and subsequently unload the cargo using the same piece of equipment.

The cranes are set up over a range of rigid tucks, with the cranes mounted on the rear of the tray in order to necessitate varying lifting and transportation requirements for multiple applications.

The large crane trucks are fitted with radio remote controls which allow the operator the ability to stand in various locations during the loading and unloading process for both added safety and to greater assist the customer with the requirements of the lift.

With the added ability to swap between various trailing units, the self loading crane trucks offer an extremely diverse resource for many varying industry applications, particularly those in and around the building and construction, engineering and infrastructure, marine and railway maintenance sectors.

The Palfinger 44t crane is the largest in the Harrison fleet and is a large Palfinger self-loading knuckle boom crane. Together with the other large knuckle boom cranes mounted on the rigid vehicles in the fleet, they offer a new dimension in relocation and lifting services.

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