Transport Planning

Heavy and oversized transport planning

Irrespective of the size of certain jobs, each job in its own right can require a varying level of planning and review prior to the commencement of the task.

Whether it is the relocation of a commercial safe or an item of industrial machinery, right through to the complete relocation of large-scale fabrications or entire project based transport services, PHT can provide the solutions for the individual clients requirement.

Long standing industry presence together with many years of experience and performance of such tasks ensure that the relocation activity is undertaken in terms of a complete ‘whole of service’ delivery.

Larger scale projects naturally incorporate an increase level of planning and consultation, often with multiple parties, so as to ensure that all aspects related to the relocation are addressed in regards to the transport and relocation service delivery.

The undertaking of such background planning and ongoing consultation form the underlying basis to the successful service offering of PHT, as the service is viewed by PHT not directly from a detached service provider basis, but one embodying a partnership basis approach in line with the requirements and expectations of the client.

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